Theme: The 11th APRSCP- "Paving the Way for the Future We Want"



The APRSCP has been a dialogue platform in sharing and promoting best practices, programs, local initiatives, policies and lessons learned on SCP related projects in Asia and the Pacific region. APRSCP outputs have been used as major inputs in global decision-making processes, such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the 18th and 19th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development.

In light of this current global framework, the 11th APRSCP plays an important role on engaging multi-stakeholders in developing and implementing innovative policy solutions, up-scaling technology and knowledge benchmarking, approaches and instruments towards the development and implementation of programmes on sustainable consumption and production and resource efficiency.  

The 11th APRSCP will also draw from the results and recommendations of international processes under the 10YFP, such as the recently concluded International Conference on “the Post Rio Future We Want in Asia: the SCP Engine” held last 12-13 November 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.


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