Conference Program



Proposed criteria for the thematic issues for the 12th APRSCP:

- The theme for the 12th APRSCP is Call for Action - "Acting together for our future sustainability." The thematic issues for discussion in the panel session at the 12th APRSCP is based on the following criteria:
- Implementation of SCP in Asia Pacific Region
- Involve stakeholders participation
- In line with ongoing issues and platforms
-In line with ongoing and upcoming International processes.

        Roundtable Sessions: Thematic Areas 

      1. Sustainable Food Systems and Agriculture
      2Sustainable Cities and Livelihoods: Green economic growth and social inclusiveness
      3. Sustainable Tourism
      4. Education and Sustainable Lifestyles
      5. Eco-labeling and Sustainable Public Procurement

      6. Special Sessions:
      6.1. The role of business and industry SMEs in implementing Agenda 2030 (RECPnet and China NCPC)
      6.2  Sub-regional meetings on SCP (ASEAN and South Asia Forums)
      6.3  The 5th LCA AgriFood Asia
      6.4  Waste Management & Circular Economy as Integral Part of SCP in Asia (SWITCH Asia Network Facility)

Conference Design

The 12th APRSCP Roundtable will have Plenary Sessions and Parallel Sessions focusing on the selected thematic
and priority areas inviting speakers (resource experts and country representatives) followed by interactive
discussions and insights from panelists, including presentations of submitted technical scientific papers with
latest research findings and best practices on technology, management, and policy from academia, research
community, project management officers, NCPCs, and other stakeholders. Other panelists will discuss country or
regional experience in using specific SCP strategies, tools and approaches. Discussion will also be on the current
opportunities for cooperation by identifying initiatives through research and information awareness, capacity
building, financing, and monitoring and evaluation. Afterwards, all sessions will convene and report in the closing
plenary session.

Exhibits and side events such as workshops and small roundtable sessions will be conducted in partnership with
supporting organizations.

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12th APRSCP: Call for Action: Acting together for our Future Sustainability
12-13 July 2016
Siem reap, Cambodia




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