The objective of the 12th APRSCP is to foster dialogue and partnerships among multi-stakeholders about developing and implementing innovative policy solutions, up-scaling technology and knowledge benchmarking, approaches and instruments towards the development and implementation of programmes on SCP in the region. More specifically, the 12th APRSCP will contribute to the overall aim of strengthening national and regional policy frameworks and translating their respective national policies and strategies into concrete actions to promote the shift towards more SCP patterns and resource efficiency, thereby contributing to green growth, inclusive and equitable green economy and reduction of poverty in the Region, and to promote technology and information exchange on SCP in the region.

Specific objectives of the 12th APRSCP are as follows:

  • Share progress and promote best practices, programs, local initiatives and lessons learned on SCP related initiatives and green growth, green economy and sustainable development related policies and activities for the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Pacific region
  • Identify synergies and build cooperation to engage actively in the development and implementation of the 10YFP Roadmap on Asia and the Pacific.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned in scaling up existing and new resource efficiency and SCP strategies, tools and approaches through research and information awareness, capacity building, innovative financing, and monitoring and evaluation.


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