SCP Education

Transforming the region's economy on a sustainable path is a gigantic task, and it cannot be achieved without altering the attitudes and behaviors of our next generations.

APRSCP’s role on enhancing SCP Education

Education is particularly relevant for achieving responsible, sustainable consumption and production because it can equip citizens to examine how government might rewrite laws and regulations, reallocate budgets, and participate and collaborate in the much-needed course correction. Moreover, it empowers people to take action and call for responsible practices from businesses and governments.

APRSCP emphasizes educating the next generations and working extensively with the region's universities and research institutions to produce original research works and spread new thinking and ideas on SCP.
Inspire the
We believe that it is our responsibility to equip children to understand better the limitations of our economic models and the skewed rules of market economies to assess interlinkages between humans and ecosystems.
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