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Since 1997, the Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) has been a strong presence in the Region. As a network institution, it has been providing the platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships to enhance and strengthen cooperation in the development and implementation of SCP in Asia Pacific. We have successfully held our flagship event - Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production - on fifteen occasions in the past.
First Roundtable
16th Edition


Promotion and facilitation of SCP in each country the region by:

  • Mainstreaming SCP thinking in government policy and practices
  • Sharing expertise and promoting SCP tools and technologies 
  • Fostering national and regional cooperation through partnerships and dialogue
  • Convening regional roundtables for information exchange and networking
Our Impact
1997 – 2021
The APRSCP has held 15 roundtables hosted by member countries in the region. 
The roundtable has successfully built a solid regional network and has promoted SCP in Asia Pacific Countries.

APRSCP has brought transformative changes in the region leading to lasting and deep impacts. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Its outputs were used at high-level decisions on SCP such as World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002,

Rio+10 and Rio+20 and contributed towards the launch of 10YFP (One planet network);

  • Development of SCP regional roadmap for Asia and the Pacific;
  • Creation of SCP Forum in Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka;
  • Formally participated in the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) 2018, UN Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development and Regional Meetings in preparation for UN Environmental Assembly (UNEA).
  • Published various reports and executed several SCP projects.

The region has seen commendable progress in adopting SCP practices and APRSCP is proud of its contributions in mainstreaming SCP in the region. Not be complacent with these achievements, APRSCP is fully equipped to step-up and provide leadership for bringing about transformative impacts on lives of millions.

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Region-wide Networks

APRSCP has a strong presence in the region as a network that champions the platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships to enhance and strengthen cooperation in developing and implementing SCP strategies and promoting best practices, programs, and local initiatives in the Asia Pacific. The APRSCP network has grown and matured over the years, with its board members and partners involved in providing their expertise in implementing various SCP projects in the region.

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